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The Lithuanian Culture Institute is a budgetary institution established by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The Lithuanian Culture Institute has taken over the primary responsibilities of the European Cultural Programme Centre and the Media Programme Office as well as the primary International Cultural Programme Centre "k-operator". The institue coordinates Lithuania’s participation in the EU programmes „Culture 2007“ (2007-2013), „Media 2007“, „MEDIA Mundus“ and „Europe for Citizens“ (2007-2013), as well as promotes Lithuanian art abroad.
The main functions of the centre:
• To inform Lithuanian organisations about the opportunities to receive assistance provided by the EU for various projects, define the priorities and conditions for the provision of assistance, organise informational seminars and trainings, and provide individual consultations regarding the preparation of applications;
• To act as a mediator for Lithuanian organizations that are looking for partners for their projects in European countries and for foreign organizations looking for partners in Lithuania;
• To follow events in countries of the European Community that are linked with programmes being implemented, follow the recommendations, suggestions, and decisions of the European Commission and other EU institutions, and inform organizations in Lithuania that are interested in these issues;
• To organise and coordinate Lithuanian cultural and art presentation programmes;
• To implement bilateral agreements and multi-country cultural cooperation agreements and programmes in Lithuania and abroad.
The work of the centre is in part financed by the European Commission.
The centre’s vision: An instrument for international cooperation, and active catalyst for cultural and social initiatives in Lithuania and abroad.
The centre’s mission: To increase the international competitiveness of Lithuania’s cultural and creative industries and contribute to the forming of a cultural climate by implementing cultural projects.
The centre’s values: Transparency, openness, and respect for one’s surroundings.
• That more people would know that Lithuania is a country where high-quality and innovative cultural projects are done;
• That more cultural operators would become initiators of EU-implemented and other international projects or equal participants.
• Create a working cultural platform and use innovative tools which would encourage the participation of Lithuanian cultural operators in important international projects;
• Create strong regional networks between countries and their cultural institutions that are directed and meet the priorities of Lithuania’s cultural policy;
• Create direct ties with foreign media and cultural project managers.
Cultural Promotion Projects is a division that organises and coordinates Lithuanian cultural and art presentation programmes in cooperation with Lithuanian cultural attaches, Lithuanian diplomatic representations and other institutions. We also implement bilaterial and multi-lateral cultural cooperation agreements and programmes both in Lithuania and abroad.
Also this division continues “Books from Lithuania” activities and promotes Lithuanian literature abroad: consults publishing houses and translators abroad on questions about Lithuanian literature and translations, prepare presentations and readings of books by Lithuanian writers, organise Lithuanian literature translation subsidy programme and coordinates cultural event programme in The International Vilnius Book Fair. More information about the promotion of Lithuanian literature can be found at www.booksfromlithuania.lt
Our goal is to increase the international competitiveness of Lithuanian cultural projects, cultural and creative industry projects and foster skills by ensuring the dissemination of information and the implementation of projects. By implementing cultural projects, the International Cultural Programme Centre contributes to the forming of a climate for cultural policy to flourish.
Call us at (+370 5) 240 5624 and (+370 5) 2629115 (literature promotion) for more information.
Cultural Contact Point Lithuania coordinates the EUs Culture 2007 programme, which supports projects in all cultural fields, except for audio-visual projects. The projects funded by this programme are unique in the fact, that international cooperation is very important, as is the exchange of ideas and experience in addition to the project‘s content, and artistic quality. There must be at least three organisation from three different countries participating in the project.
For more about the programme go to www.kultura2007.lt . For more information you can call (+370 5) 261 2921 or write to us at info@kultura2007.lt
MEDIA 2007 is an EU programme supporting the audio-visual sector, the goal of which is to strengthen the competitiveness of the European cinema and audio-visual industry, and ensure the cultural diversity of audio-visual works that are made and their access for people.
The programme partially funds training for cinema and audio-visual sector professionals, preparation work for films and video games, the distribution of European film in cinemas and electronic platforms, and the promotion of European films at festivals, fairs and forums. Between 13% and 50% of the expenses of projects that are selected are covered by financial support.
Applications can be submitted by institutions, the main activity of which is linked with the production of audio-visual works, its promotion and professional training.
MEDIA Mundus programme is a new EU international cooperation programme for the audiovisual industry to strengthen cultural and commercial relations between Europe's film industry and film-makers of third countries. The EU will provide €15 million of funding from 2011-2013 for projects submitted by audiovisual professionals from Europe and from third countries. The new MEDIA Mundus programme will capitalise on this growing interest and the opportunities offered by global cooperation of the audiovisual industry.
Consultations can be made by email info@mediadesklithuania.eu or by telephone at (+370 5) 212 7187.
You can find out more information and invitations to submit applications at the following website:
MEDIA Desk Lithuania: http://www.mediadesklithuania.eu
EUROPE FOR CITIZENS is an EU programme devoted to encouraging active civic participation. According to this programme, in cooperation with other organisations of European countries, meetings are held between citizens of twinned towns, and projects are implemented by non-profit organisations that are linked with the strengthening of European identity, based on common values, history and culture, along with projects that encourage tolerance and understanding among EU citizens.
For more information about the programme visit website www.pilieciams.eu or contact Europe for Citizens Point Lithuania by email info@pilieciams.eu or by telephone (+370 5) 261 6687.
Also ICPC coordinates Lithuania's participation in The European Union Youth Orchestra, which is one of the world’s most prestigious and dynamic Orchestras. More information could be found at: www.euyo.org.uk.